The Arcachon River Basin 

A tasteful mix of oenology and ocean breezes...

/The Arcachon River Basin 
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Situated between the city of Bordeaux and the wine country, the valley of the Arcachon River is a haven of rural calm within reach of dynamic city life. Our tour will explore this contrast by starting off in the Cap Ferret peninsula, an area which proudly retains abundant natural beauty while playing host to a wide variety of celebrities from the world of French television, cinema, music, etc.

During your visit of this UNESCO World Heritage Site, you’ll meander through typical fishing villages such as L’Herbe, Piraillan, and Le Canon, stopping for some oysters in a charming local cabin on stilts.

Another option is a visit of this area by sea, aboard a local “Pinasse” boat, but one especially outfitted for your comfort. From your chic, yet exotic “Pinasse”, you’ll moor at places of pure natural beauty, only accessible by water, such as the Arquin embankment, Bird Island and the stilted cabins perched alongside the inlet. You’ll be able to enjoy some local gastronomic specialties along the way.