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This unique province of France called Brittany claims Celtic roots and they show up at every bend in the winding roads leading from the heart of France out to France’s own Lands End on the Atlantic Coast.

Studded with cities steeped in history such Saint Malo and Quimper, decorated with incredible chateaux such as Josselin and Fougères, Brittany tells a tale reaching far back in time to prehistoric cultures earlier than Egyptian pyramids.

One visit to the standing stones of Carnac will convince even the most cynical that there’s a special key to the mysteries of the past hidden away in the multiple tumulus passage tombs oriented to the planets and the sun.

Yet, in today’s lifestyle, beautiful sailing ports boast vibrant pubs playing local Celtic music and top restaurants serve fabulous sea food specialities. And what would a trip to Brittany be without sampling the world renowned crepes ?

Brittany has so much to offer, you’ll need Label West to show you the way.