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WWI Tour “Somme and Ypres”

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The Somme was greatly affected by WWI fighting with the invasion in August 1914 and the "Race to the Sea" in September, the Battle of the Somme from July to November 1916 and the Battle of Picardy from March to September 1918. It became a global war in 1916, involving three million soldiers of about 20 nationalities fighting on [...]

“Spooky: the Adventure’s of a Ship’s Cat in WW2”

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One of our Label West guides is also an author ! Diane Condon-Boutier's second book was launched on February 11th in the Panorama room at the Hotel Mercure in Dieppe, Normandy. Of course, the entire Label West team was in attendance as well as many local elected officials and prominent Normandy museum curators. This illustrated [...]


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9 am: pick up Place de Québec - Bayeux Drive West to start out the tour working West to East. During the 40-minute drive your guide will lay the backdrop for the unfolding of the largest military undertaking of World War 2. This initial talk will prepare you for your day touring the American sector [...]