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The city of Cognac is situated in the Charente department of western France between the towns of Angouleme and Saintes. Its name is known all over the world thanks to the brandy produced in the region. Indeed, the chance to visit its distilleries certainly attracts many visitors. The town itself is also very interesting to explore with an attractive riverside and historical centre to discover. Birthplace of the iconic Renaissance king of France: Francis The 1st, the town remains a must for those who enjoy brandy.

Your tour will revolve around the most famous of the brandy producing houses: Hennessy, Camus and Martel. It will allow the spirit lovers to learn how the liquid gold is made as well as aged by its passionate producers. You will learn about the history of these producers, their individual methodology and you will taste three cognacs. It will be accompanied by gastronomic specialties: Farm-fresh produce, crusty baguettes, delectable pâtés, and local cheeses (such as Le Petit Semussec, an exceptionally soft goat cheese) will make for a perfect French meal.

Don’t miss a tour of “The Château de Cognac“, the 15th-century fortification situated by the Charente River. This Château is known as the birthplace of Francis I, considered France’s first Renaissance king. It’s also the beautiful site where D’USSE Cognac is crafted. The château has a 200-year-old history of the spirit production and aging, with a museum to prove it. Other architectural wonders in town include the 12th century Saint-Léger Church which boasts a dramatic Romanesque facade.

You will become a “Maitre Assembleur” during one of the workshops in which you will create your own particular Cognac XO and walk away with a bottle of your unique elaboration. What better way to savor the unique taste of Cognac, than to make it your own?