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Starting at your pick-up in Le Havre, your travel time through the verdant Normandy countryside will set the stage for the sights included on this full day tour. Your guide will paint the historical background leading up to this all-important day of days: D-Day. Travelling along the N13 through Caen towards your first stop at the Pointe du Hoc, you’ll also glean some tidbits about the older history of Normandy centering on William the Conqueror.

At the turnoff for the Pointe du Hoc, your guide will take you on a quick tour of the German Cemetery at La Cambe. This memorial is a chilling reminder of the folly of war, and is the final resting place of over 21,000 of the German occupying force. Designed in the German Gothic style it provides a grim contrast to the Allied memorials you’ll see throughout the day.

Driving along the coast toward Omaha beach you’ll stop for lunch choosing from a variety of spots offering a range of lunch options from baguette sandwiches to smoked salmon salad. Your guide will elaborate on the choices available according to your taste buds. Lunch is not included.One of the highlights of your day will be the visit to the different zones of Omaha beach, where the Americans lost so many. This crescent of beach holds the stories of these men and a walk on to the sand is a must. Your tour includes the American cemetery in Colleville: a site of over 170 acres housing 9386 tombs and a wall of the missing. This unforgettable stop, inspiring respect and sombre reflection, rounds out your trip of the D Day Beaches: US sector.Depending remaining time, a quick drive through Bayeux, passing in front of the primary British Cemetery will bring you back out to the N13 highway and your drive back to Le Havre.