9 am: pick up place de Québec - Bayeux

Drive west to start out the tour working west to east. During the 40-minute drive your guide will lay the backdrop for the unfolding of the largest military undertaking of World War 2. This initial talk will prepare you for your day touring the American sector of the D-Day invasion.

9:45 Sainte Mere Eglise, a typical Norman village, the early capture of which played a pivotal role in the outcome of June 6th, 1944. You’ll visit the church where Private John Steele hung helplessly by his parachute watching his comrades take on the German soldiers garrisoned in the town.

10:30 drive to Utah through the low-lying land secured by the paratroopers of the 101st Airborne Division with a stop at the Brécourt Manor crossroads and the Dick Winters statue.

11:00 Utah beach: the most successful of the American initiatives. You’ll walk on the beach, collect sand and follow the tracks left by Teddy Roosevelt’s jeep and hear how the unfolding of random events aid in securing this beach.

11:45 drive through Ste Marie du Mont where you’ll pause to hear some of the anecdotes left behind by the paratroopers who secured this village.

12:00 a quick stop at Angoville au Plain, where Kenneth Moore and Robert Wight set up a military medical aid station helping both civilians and soldiers from both sides of the conflict.

12:45 stop for a quick sandwich or salad lunch at a roadside rest area. (your fees for Lunch are not included)

13:15 continue on to the German cemetery at La Cambe to view the striking resting place of over 21000 German combatants. Drive to la Pointe du Hoc

14:00 Pointe du hoc: view the short visitor center film before touring the site of over 200 bomb craters left by the Allied bombing campaign designed to prepare the terrain for the arrival early on the morning of June 6th of the US Rangers.

15:15 drive to Omaha beach and visit some of the infamous draws which were the focus of the American 29th and 1st infantry divisions.

16:30 arrival at the American cemetery at Colleville where you’ll take a quick tour through the visitor center before participating in the lowering of the flag ceremony at 17:00. You’ll then tour the cemetery stopping at some of the burial sites of the men whose stories you’ve head of throughout your day.

17:30 departure for Bayeux and 18:00 drop off at place de Québec - Bayeux

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