For those who’d like to make their hobbies or special interests come alive during their stay in France, we can take you on customized Half-day or Full-day Tours.

Sports enthusiasts can have a round of golf, a tennis lesson with a private coach or bungee jump. Kayaking, horse-riding or a thrilling ride along the beach in a sand yacht are other options.

If you’d like to step back in time, we’ll guide you around some of the numerous Castles and Manors dotting the Norman countryside. From the Middle Ages in Crevecoeur en Auge to the reputedly haunted Manoir d’Argouges. Through the Renaissance at Château de Fontaine Henry or St Germain de Livet up to the classic architecture of the 18th century Castles such as Canon.

When your taste buds yearn for authentic French Cuisine, you can try your hand at preparing a local speciality. Label West works closely with a chef who will invite you into her domain, surrounded by chickens and geese. She will put you to work preparing a taste fest of locally sourced ingredients before inviting you to sit down and enjoy your results. All in a local Norman farmhouse setting, dating back several hundred years.

If you’d prefer to just have a taste without the work, we will arrange visits of local food industries. Some industry visit options include: Cheese, salted butter caramels, chocolates, cookies, oysters, Bordeaux wine, Cognac and the infamous Norman cider and Calvados liqueur. No room to list every possibility here, so Label West invites you to use your imagination and ask. We are continually sourcing new activities to add to the plethora of wonders that make up our France, soon to be your France too…


Normandy Helicopter tours

Traditional French Cookery Lesson

Hot air balloon flights

A scenic tour in antique cars


Harley Davidson Exclusive Tour

Introduction to Oenology and Wine development

Oyster sampling in a stilted cabin

Tennis Lesson with a personal coach