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In 2018, Label West will offer certain tours geared around your kids, linking local history with activities for under 12s.

Our guides will help you discover and understand the D-Day beaches, the Mont Saint Michel or the Pays d’Auge countryside.

You’ll hear about history and local traditions with additional anecdotes and activities just for kids.

A visit to a local farm? Delicious local snacks and hands-on activities await!

Or how about a giant treasure hunt?

Each tour will have its own offerings to help make your kids’ travel experience as memorable as your own.

All you have to do is choose what suits your family!

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Let’s have fun together !

Horse riding, treasure hunt around the Mont Saint Michel, Alligator Bay, …
Come and join us for a giant treasure hunt during your day trip on the Landing Beaches, enjoy the spectacular 360° circular cinema in Arromanches, exhibit at Juno Beach Center ” Grandma, what was it like during the war “? ….
Visit a traditional farm and learn about life in the 50’s, become a junior private detective searching for clues surrounding the mysterious demise of Mrs Chives, visit a stud farm, take a cookery lesson, enjoy a hands-on experience with gentle farm animals….