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Lovers of old stone and heritage – La Hague, Cap Cotentin has a wide variety of exceptional visits for you. The area known as La Hague Point is located on the northern extremity of the Cotentin Peninsula. It is nicknamed “Little Ireland” in homage to numerous stunning landscapes and authentic villages. A savory mix of cultures and traditions abounds. Thanks to its mild climate, this land “at the end of the world” is rich and green, unsuspected and surprising. Indeed, you will have the chance to discover some amazing parks and gardens. Key spots to visit include: Jacques Prévert’s garden, France’s smallest Port Goury, Gréville, Ecalgrain Bay, the Nez of Jobourg and the Biville Dunes.

La Hague is the essential site of your vacation in Normandy. The town of Auderville is located at the tip of La Hague bordered by the Raz Blanchard. It’s one of the world’s strongest tidal currents due to shallow waters between La Hague and the Channel Islands. These currents can reach speeds of 10 knots by high tide, they are the strongest in Europe and make sailing very difficult. Goury and its lighthouse are also worth seeing: with the low stone walls characteristic of La Hague, they have earned it the nickname “Little Ireland”. Don’t forget to pay your respects at the cross erected in memory of the sinking of the Vendémiaire.

The Saire River Valley is on the Northwest point of Cotentin. Not to miss are Barfleur, classed one of the most beautiful villages in France, Tatihou Island with its Vauban designed fortress towers, Saint Vaast la Hougue and Gatteville lighthouse. This area is a treat for the eyes and a poster for the French way of life.