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Corsair city, capital of the sea, a jewel of the Emerald Coast… Whatever adjectives attributed to it, Saint Malo has always been, throughout its history, the appointment of all adventures, all dreams…  Bordering Normandy and not far from Mont Saint-Michel, Saint-Malo is also a springboard to the Channel Islands and England. Walking through the cobbled streets of Saint-Malo’s old town feels like you’ve stepped back in time. Saint Malo has several districts, the most popular being intra muros or ‘inside the walls’. The tall granite buildings, most of which were restored after being bombed during the war, house an interesting mix of cosy hotels, restaurants to suit all tastes and shops by the dozen.

Located only 45 minutes away from Saint Malo, Dinan is a charming medieval city embraced by stone ramparts, perched midway between land and sea. Overlooking the valley of the Rance River, Dinan boasts over 71 historic monuments such as: the Gothic church of Saint Malo, the Bell Tower, the Cordeliers and Benedictine Convents as well as the St Sauveur Basilica built in the 12th century. The interior of the walled city is full of medieval half timber façade houses. A wander through the English Garden gives a panoramic view of the Rance River Valley. Dinan is firmly noted as one of the primary tourism sites in Northern Brittany.

Walking around Dinard, with its Belle Époque villas and stripy beach tents, is like taking a trip back to the 19th century. Dinard is a well-known seaside resort, particularly among the British and Americans. A large number of lovely beachview villas have sealed the reputation of this town as a place of architectural gems. The most British of Brittany’s resorts is popular with families who are attracted by its sandy beaches and coastal walks.