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(2 hour transit time from Bordeaux to Sarlat then 25 minutes to either Lascaux or les Eyzies)

Sarlat is the primary historic city of the Périgord region, a walled city completely immersed in the past and close to its traditions. You’ll step back into the Middle Ages when ambling through the city’s tiny cobbled lanes. But in one of the city’s numerous restaurants you’ll enjoy the gastronomic present that sets Sarlat apart from other medieval towns. Known for traditional recipes, the Périgord region offers a wide variety of specialties. This is “foodie” heaven with an authentic décor thrown in for good measure.

A step further back in time will take us to the troglodyte village of Les Eyzies, a charming village set all in caves and grottos. Here we’ll visit the national Museum of Prehistoric France (plan on 1,5 hours) getting in touch with our Cro-Magnon ancestors. Children will be particularly delighted with the special exhibits designed for them.

Our time travel experience will continue into either the caves of Rouffignac where, on board a special train, visitors can examine over 250 prehistoric animal drawings. Both the stalagtites and stalagmites of the Grotto of the Sorcerer or of the Grand Extraordinary Rock will be next on the list. However, a third option is Lascaux 2 and the legendary reproductions of the ancient cave dwellers’ artwork.

This day is all about the past and represents an experience unequalled in France.