Normandy was the birthplace of arguably the most famous duke: William The Conqueror. However, not being content with the title of Duke of Normandy, he went on to meet Harold Godwinson in battle at Hastings. Here, William took on the head of the most powerful family in Anglo-Saxon England and newly crowned King Of England. He won the English crown for himself!

This tour takes you to his birthplace first: Falaise Castle. Then to his strategic Castle in Caen, built in 1060, after the Battle of Val-ès-Dunes in 1047. We will conclude our tour of Caen with a visit to the two abbeys William built with his Flemish wife. Both William and Matilda have been resting there for over 900 years now.

The tour culminates with a stop at the Bayeux Tapestry. This over 220 foot long linen embroidery relates in fascinating details the story of the Norman conquest of England. If time permits we will do a quick tour of the “Cathedral of Our Lady of Bayeux“. It was designed to hang in and the crypt where Harold swears an oath of fealty to William is highly recommended.

What better way to learn about one of the most crucial points in European history – one that truly influenced the geo-political shape of today’s world – than by walking in the footsteps of the greatest General, Duke and King of the middle ages?

Guilielmus victor!